Our villa’s location and views are breathtaking and unique. You will not find a similar place anywhere close with such natural surroundings. In other words, you will be surprised by our stunning views, positive energy, calmness and beauty.

It took us years to find this unique place. Each time I stand out on our terrace, I have this special feeling of absolute satisfaction. And a peace of mind overwhelms me again and again.

  • Agaliani-Kalo Nero (Peleponnes SW)
  • 250m above sea level
  • Stunning view.
  • Athens: 265km/2,5h drive (airport)
  • Araxos 140km/1,5h drive (airport)
  • Kalamata 60km/45 min drive (airport)
  • Kaló Nero 7km/7 min. drive (Beach, tavernas)
  • Kyparissia 12km/10 min. drive (Shopping, coffee shop, doctor, …)

Kalo Nero is situated on the Gulf of Kyparissia, a bay of the Ionian Sea. It is 6 km northeast of Kyparissia, 21 km south of Zacharo and 47 km northwest of Kalamata.

It has a 70 kilometre sandy beach which attracts a moderate amount bathers in the summer months, both Greeks and foreign tourists.

On the seafront there are tavernas and bars. Loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta, nest every summer on the beach from many centuries ago, from May to July – with the nests hatching between July and October.

Kalo Nero is famous for its marvelous, unique sunsets in the Kyparissian Bay.